Located in the beautiful coastal and renowned necktie city Shengzhou,(Zhejiang province of China), in which the necktie is well-known at home and abroad,our company has had more than ten years specialized experience in the series of services, including designing, manufacturing and exporting. The main products of the company are 100% silk yarn-dyed jacquard neckties, 100% silk printed necktie, 100% polyester yarn-dyed jacquard necktie, 100% polyester printed necktie ,bowtie, and collar ornament along with printed pure silk scarf in contexture of twill, satin, satin stripe, crepe satin brocade, chiffon, georette and CDC with various specifications.

In the company, there are three factories, which specialize in woven silk-weaving, woven polyester-weaving and necktie making separately. Since all fabric for neckwear are provided by ourselves, the cost thus reduces reasonably while the output is increasing accordingly. The annual capacity of necktie making is about 3,000,000~3,500,000 pieces, and the scarf making is about 350,000 pieces. In addition, we have our own excellent design team and an efficient customer service system which will meet your any requirement promptly.


The company has established fine business relationship with many countries and regions, such us US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, South America, Japan and South-east Asia, etc.
Clients at home and broad are welcome to negotiate various sorts of business by E-mail, correspondence, telephone and Fax.


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